Why working with a coach is like having your car serviced

When you own a car, there are basic things you can do to maintain it and make sure it runs smoothly. You top the windscreen washer fluid up, check the tyre and oil levels and fill it with the right fuel. For even better performance and longevity, it’s a good idea to routinely take it into the garage to get it professionally serviced by the mechanics.

If you don’t do these things, there’s a chance that your car will break down unexpectedly when you’re miles from home and you could really do without the inconvenience or the extra expense. You call out the AA but by this point there’s already something wrong and your car isn’t functioning anywhere near it’s best, if at all.

Coaching works like your routine service. It gives you a chance to stop, review where you’re at and think about where you’d like to be. Your coach is there to guide you but ultimately you’re in the driving seat; you get to decide where you go next. You’ll finish the experience feeling refreshed, energised and motivated to make some changes.


Each session was effective as it helped me talk through my issues and why/how I was approaching things. Gen was able to keep me on track and helped me stay focused on what we were discussing. Gen's style was very easy going but held me accountable when she needed to.


[Coaching] felt so much more personalised than regular learning and I feel as if I made a lot more progress in the sessions.


Gen is a great listener and was very good at remaining impartial and not getting caught up in my story. By asking the right questions Gen was able to challenge my thinking in a very constructive way and this allowed me to see a way forward or on several occasion just confirm to myself I was already taking the right approach.


Gen was easy to work with from the start.  I really appreciated her natural easy going approach with a twist, she seems to have a seamless way of asking probing questions which expertly delved into the reasons behind the issues and allowed me space to think through challenges and develop strategies myself. All this was achieved without any judgement, which is extremely hard to achieve.


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“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It’s a necessity.” 

Mandy Hale