We help you make your wellbeing part of your every day.

Calmwards wellbeing coaching and retreats give you the tools to make your wellbeing an integral part of your lifestyle. Learn, be inspired and take meaningful action to improve your health, happiness and achieve the right balance for you.

About Us

Gen Allen

It's been a great privilege to help many people with their wellbeing and self care.

The most common challenge people face is to work out where to start. There's so much information out there that it can seem overwhelming.

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Mini Wellbeing Review

If you’re feeling a bit weary after 2021 or are looking to refocus on your wellbeing in 2022, this free mini course is for you!

We’ve designed modules to help you pick out the positives, learn from the experiences you've had and get some clarity on your wellbeing goals and habits going forward.

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Wellbeing Coaching

Work one-to-one with a wellbeing coach to receive tailored support. 

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Wellbeing Retreats

Calmwards weekend retreats are the ultimate opportunity to relax, review and recharge. You'll experience the Calmwards blend of personal development workshops, fitness, yoga and relaxation classes.

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A great opportunity to stop, reflect and think about yourself. Really thought provoking and a safe
environment to discuss your wellbeing and self care.


Inspiring. Gave me time to reflect on my life and how to change certain aspects of it to make me feel better.


Gen has created an experience that really lets you focus on 'you’ and what is most important for you to change.  In a world that is forever labelled as ‘busy’, taking this time has been just what I needed.

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